Bandman Kevo Draws Fan Backlash For His Latest Billionaire-Inspired Tattoos

Bandman Kevo previously drew the Internet’s attention for his leg tattoos of various controversial celebrities, but these new ones take the cake. Moreover, they were so bizarre that fans mostly ignored one of an arm seemingly choking a girl, which is saying something if that’s the overlooked part of it. Specifically, he got tattoos of various billionaires’ faces, namely of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Jeff Bezos. A lot of folks in the replies threads of the Twitter post down below questioned why the rapper would want a bunch of rich white guys plastered on one of his legs, along with some other criticisms and wild reactions.

Furthermore, Bandman Kevo is unfortunately dealing with a lot in his life right now apart from the social media antics that folks are reacting to. Back in April of this year, he revealed that his 15-year-old son Kevian was shot and killed in Michigan, a tragedy that no father or son should have to grapple with. This took many fans by surprise, who quickly outpoured their support and condolences online. Since then, the Chicago MC has continued to keep his career going and honor Kevian’s memory, and we send him our best wishes on his path of grief.

Bandman Kevo’s New Tattoos: See Replies For Reactions

This comes as a heavy contrast to a lot of Bandman Kevo’s other behaviors and headlines in recent years, including some rap beef. Last year, he got into it with Jackboy, as they both accused each other of getting plastic surgery procedures in both trolling and serious manners. As for Kevo, he’s been quite open with his experiences with this matter, so the jabs didn’t seem to affect him as much. It was a bit of a wild back-and-forth, and one that is not as rare in the current rap world as you might think.

Meanwhile, Bandman Kevo also took aim at Gunna last year, piling snitching accusations on top of his claim that Wunna scammed him over a collab. That situation never really cleared up, so it remains in the rumor mill as of writing this article. Maybe Kevo will get some more tattoos of famous figures in the near future, whether it’s within hip-hop or outside of it. All we can hope for in terms of the reception is that he chooses his tributes a little more wisely.

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