And The Winner Is… Lil Jon (Sorry T-Pain)

Oh, it was a battle to the death… but the decisive win goes to Lil Jon. Happy 404 Day, bro! After being the number 1 trending phenomenon on Twitter, the producer battle between Lil Jon and T-Pain made a long COVID-19 Saturday night, feel like an outing to Compound in Atlanta.

Let’s be clear. Hit after hit, 40 songs deep, the two of them ping-ponged bangers. But after Lil Jon bussed the crowd in the head with his Capleton 90s dancehall classic, “Tour,” it was pretty much a wrap.

Check out some of what Twitter said about the battle.

After the battle, Lil Jon debuted a new Usher, Ludacris, Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri song at the end of the experience. The keys were beautifully unexpected but as Tyrese said in the comment, the song is a “Body Bag.” After hearing it, T-Pain said it was a “f*ck record.” Gabrielle Union agreed.


T-Pain had his own “f*ck record” too. This song featured a pure voiced T-Pain with very limited autotune on it.