Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Locked Up for Allegedly Stabbing NBA Youngboy's Baby Moms

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna was arrested earlier for a felonious act of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She stabbed rapper NBA Youngboy’s baby mother.

She was arrested 1:30 AM Saturday morning and may have to spend the entire weekend there.

According to TMZ, Iyanna arrived at NBA’s home and confronted the mother of his child and told her that she was the rapper’s fiancé. The woman, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, was then told that she should leave. However, Lapattra responded with the authority most baby mothers have and told her that she is the one that should be going.

.As the two argued, Iyanna somehow obtained two knives from the kitchen.


According to TMZ, Jacobs approached the fighter’s daughter and she snapped, stabbed her multiple times.

The tabloid said that when the EMTs arrived they found Lapattra on the floor and she was then taken to the hospital. According to Iyanna, Lapattra pulled her hair first.

Now she is locked up. Lapattra as far as anyone knows is in the hospital and NBA is out chilling.