50 Cent Keeps Trolling His Ex Daphne Joy Over Diddy Lawsuit Allegations

In the wake of months of allegations against Diddy, 50 Cent has become the biggest troll on the internet. Even before the feds raided two of his properties last week, 50 was hard at work. He took to Instagram nearly every single day for months sharing any kind of anti-Diddy content he can get his hands on. That has also extended to anybody else who is pulled into the rap mogul’s orbit. 50 has repeatedly posted about Stevie J, even as he’s received threats of violence and a challenge to a fight from Stevie in response.

Unsurprisingly, Diddy also used the opportunity to go after his ex and the mother of his son Sire, Daphne Joy. Last month, producer Lil Rod filed a lawsuit against Diddy that made some of the most viral claims to date against the rap mogul. In repeated amendments to the lawsuit he’s called out more and more famous people for their alleged involvement with Diddy. That included Daphne Joy, who he described as one of the rap mogul’s “sex workers.” Consequently that’s exactly what 50 has been hung up on with his recent posts about joy. “It’s lunch time people here’s a little LSW theme music. Let’s stay positive and productive today” he captioned a recent Instagram post. “LSW” stands to little sex worker, which he’s repeatedly called Joy ever since the allegations first dropped. Check out the full post he shared below.

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50 Cent Keeps Posting About Daphne Joy

Later this week, 50 Cent will perform at the J. Cole-curated Dreamville Festival. The North Carolina fest was originally slated to feature a performance from Chris Brown. But after the singer ultimately had to pull out for unspecified reasons, he was replaced with 50.

What do you think of 50 Cent’s newest tactic of trolling his ex after she was mentioned in a lawsuit against Diddy? Do you think 50 is doing too much constantly posting about other people on Instagram? Let us know in the comment section below.

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