YC794 Is On A New Level In His Album “Pastor’s Son”

YC794 recently shared his new album “Pastor’s Son”. The eight songs included in this album masterfully fuse rapping, hazy score, and profound lyrics, leaving the listener wanting more. “Pastor’s Son” already has thousands upon thousands of views and streams all over different platforms. 

Previously, YC794 had several great singles released such as “26”, “Get Um Wacked”, “Trust” and “Rock Out”. He also came out with a full EP documenting the real-life experiences and deeply personal thoughts the artist had to share under the title “Hood Ceremony”. His most recent releases that were wildly popular include  “Good And the Bad”, “Hard Life”, “Better Days”, and “Social Distance” and have all received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The ideology that is dear to YC794’s heart is that one should never give up regardless how unbearable the situation might be. He believes that life has a lot to offer if one looks hard enough and YC794 practices what he preaches for sure. He grew up in a large household where resources were limited and yet he managed to follow his dream of making music and has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. 

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