Raquel Kiaraa Breaks The Status quo In “Defying Odds”

Singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa just dropped her new album under the powerful title “Defying Odds”. Thematically, the album is focused on empowering women all around the globe, celebrating female power to bring life to the world. As Raquel becomes a mother for the second time, she is happy to share that she continues to pursue her musical ambitions.

“Defying Odds” is a title that speaks eloquently about everyday heroes — ordinary women who continue to defy the odds, dream the impossible, and make it happen. Raquel is most definitely one of those ladies as she is not only a singer, songwriter, piano composer, but also an athletic coach, successful business owner, and a mother. 

Raquel’s previous successes include songs like “Scorpio” and “Release Me”. The latter brought her over 100K views and countless streams. She then dropped “We Know,” a groovy love song that only proved Raquel to be a fresh talent in the world of pop music. Her other equally beautiful singles “Love to the Moon” and “Dear Jesus,” received international praise as well as placements on numerous streaming playlists and international radio stations and programs.