Nicki Minaj Pulls Bia, JT, Maliibu Miitch, Akbar V, Katie Got Bandz To Perform “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)”

Nicki Minaj was all about women empowerment this week, as she brought out JT, Bia, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch and Katie Got Bandz for a surprise Pink Friday 2 Tour performance of their “Super Freaky Girls (Queen Mix).”

Each rapstress had a moment to truly shine in “Gag City” as Minaj and the squad were each other’s biggest hype women. And from the looks of it, the crowd absolutely went wild, loving every part of it.

JT blazed the stage first, followed by Bia — who calmly rapped from her seat — and then Katie Got Bandz, doing her infamous hand move. Akbar — who’s die-hard about supporting Minaj — finally got the chance to share the stage ahead of Maliibu Miitch effortlessly spitting her bars.

See below.

After shutting down the city of Boston for the second night, Minaj posted a video showing the “Queens Mix” ladies backstage reflecting on their performance with the record-breaking MC.

“Ok you guys I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart how appreciative I am of these queens for coming here and gracing Gag City with your aura, with your light, with your energy,” Minaj said in a video seated next to the ladies. “And when I tell you I am so proud that they all came out there and stood on business. They came out there and gave ‘superstar, I do’s this. This is nothing.’ They just radiated with this glow and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it.”

The 41-year-old added, “Having a group of women together and being able to feel comfortable is the best feeling in the world.” She also noted that she felt each lady’s “energy, love and respect” for her is “authentic” and in return, she respects them and their craft.

While reflecting on the glorious opportunity, Akbar V boasted, “I had my moment,” to which the other girls jokingly agreed. JT claimed the girls had been “double-teaming” her all night, but felt that it was a “sisterhood” amongst them. Maliibu Miitch was elated that Minaj gave her a sign of approval with “a smile,” as Katie Got Bandz added that she loves Minaj and wore sneakers on stage incase a “bi**h tried her.”

The overwhelming response to the ladies taking the stage left Minaj’s comment section gagged.

“Nicki, you really brought back female rap unity,” one person commented, as another said, “What female rap unity looks like No obituaries in the back either,” referring to when Remy Ma unified women rappers on stage while also bashing Minaj.

A third person wrote, “Legendary. And the fact that all these women have looked up to you/given you your well deserved flowers makes this moment even more special. Imagine growing up idolizing someone and listening to their music to ending up on stage with her performing a song you are on with her…So queen.”

Take a look at JT, Bia, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch and Katie Got Bandz shutting down the Pink Friday 2 tour with Nicki Minaj above.