Lenny Williams’ New Video For “She Took My Drawers” Sparks Hilarious Reactions

Lenny Williams, the crooner behind the 1975 classic love song “‘Cause I Love You,” is appealing to new and old fans in very interesting ways with his latest string of singles including the most recent one, “She Took My Drawers.”

On the record, the 79-year-old sings, “She text me a picture on my telephone/ She took my drawers/ Said she gon’ put it on TikTok and get a million views/ This girl is threatenin’ me y’all to put it on the evening news/ She said she love me/ She said she care/ Why in the hell did she take my underwear?”

Williams was particularly upset that his mistress stole his undergarments because they were a custom anniversary gift from his wife. He would’ve preferred that she stole his wallet and all his cash. He even mentioned that she could’ve given him COVID or RSV as opposed to stealing his underwear.

Due to the unserious nature of the song and video itself, fans took to social media with their hilarious reactions.

“Everybody involved is complicit in elder abuse lol,” songwriter Jamel Smith tweeted jokingly.

Another wrote, “Unc, fire your team immediately g. They got you out here big freaky.” Host Kazeem Famuyide responded, “My favorite genre of R&B is when an OG drops a hilariously titled record.” Elsewhere, one commented, “I love how childish we get as we get older. Bc WHUT?”

Meanwhile, someone else replied using a gif of Tyler James Williams from Abbott Elementary.

The level of comical reactions are being compared to those that came following the announcement of Smokey Robinson’s album, Gasms.

Williams thanked his fanbase for their support and is encouraging them to follow him across social media including TikTok. “She Took My Drawers” was released in November 2023 and followed his other singles from last year including “Baby I’m Sorry,” “Dimples,” and “Suga Daddy.”