Lekan Tella Opens Up About His Relationship On Debut Single “Emptiness”

NYC-based singer and songwriter Lekan Tella released his debut single titled ‘Emptiness,’ a fusion of bedroom pop, intimate R&B, and passionate soul. 

On the track, he openly describes his previous relationship and how it impacted his reality and self-worth. While many musicians these days prefer to discuss their riches, or brag about their achievements, Lekan Tella purposely exposes his deepest secrets, emotions, and vulnerability. ‘Emptiness’ is honest to the core track that describes the pain that follows an unsuccessful love story. 

Lekan Tella sets bars very high and surely challenged himself with dropping such a powerful track. ‘Emptiness’ is a perfectly balanced single with its poetic lyricism, and perfectly matched gentle beat and soft melodies. 

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