Future Name-Drops Megan Thee Stallion On “Type Sh*t,” Fans Debate If It Was A Diss

Metro Boomin and Future have set the Hip-Hop community ablaze this Friday morning (March 22) with their WE DON’T TRUST YOU ALBUM. The latter name-dropped Megan Thee Stallion on “Type Sh*t,” and the moment has fans split on how to feel.

The “March Madness” spitter definitely wanted the mention to be heard, as he doesn’t just say it once, but he includes her full stage name on the hook so that it’s repeated multiple times throughout the song. “Sippin’ drank and Activis on some screw, type sh*t/ Just a sad h** runnin’ through the crew, type sh*t/ I got a bad b*tch at home, voodoo type sh*t/ Take down Meg Thee Stallion’s by the group, type sh*t,” he raps over the Metro-produced instrumental.

Take a listen below.

Similar to many aspects of Hip-Hop, the bar can be interpreted in different ways. Some fans are convinced Future is dissing Megan, while the other side thinks he’s praising her.

“Hotties being too slow to understand that future was dissing Megan. They just as slow as their fav,” another person wrote on X as another user chimed in, “The thotties think FUTURE is praising Megan Thee Stallion on his new song called TYPE SH*T with Metro Boomin but he is CLEARLY dissing that girl. The whole chorus is a diss.”

There are also many people who are not choosing to see the hook as drama, as they brushed off the allegations for a more optimistic approach. “It’s crazy how these fake pages on here lying and scrambling and think Future dissing Megan thee stallion so bad,” one user said.

However, the main opinion that matters is Megan’s, who seems to be taking the mention in a positive way. The Houston rapper heard the song and shared her reaction on her Instagram story. She posted a flattering mirror selfie from the gym with the caption, “That’s some thick sh*t.”