From The Streets To The Sheets: Lucky Daye, Jaz Karis, Amirah And More Drop New R&B Music

R&B is everything, everywhere, all at once, but that doesn’t mean that it’s void of love and lust with a healing undertone.

Narrowing down this week’s top new selects was no easy feat, but we knew where to start. As Lucky Daye returns to the scene with “HERicane,” Jaz Karis continues her wave of enchanting duets with Mahalia to bless the “nice girls.”

Rising star Äyanna dropped an ethereal cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” while Inayah and Amirah shared new EPs to personally detail where they’ve been and highlight where they are now professionally. Then, we have ASTN teasing his new project with his latest single as Mikahl Anthony previews his debut album.

We said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s something here for everyone—just keep your ears open to receiving it.

Lucky Daye – “HERicane”

Lucky Daye and D’Mile have done it again. The crooner and esteemed producer teamed up for Lucky’s newest single, “HERicane.” It’s a taste of him leaning into a more vulnerable space in his new music era.

“This song is about being grounded in a chaotic relationship,” Lucky said in a statement about the record. “It’s important for people to be reminded that it’s a good time to be yourself and shine. Just be grounded and fierce in who you are.” We couldn’t discuss this groovy offering without sharing the live performance video. Live versions usually give a song a bit more umph.

Jaz Karis, Mahalia – “NICE GIRLS”

The U.K. still got something to say as South London’s Jaz Karis shares her new single, “NICE GIRLS,” featuring one of our favorite British songbirds, Mahalia.

As the women explore the raw honesty associated with a breakup, they open up about the idea that nice girls never win. “This song is about karma. This song is about how it feels now being on the other side of the story & why good girls never win,” Jaz said about the record. She described it as a “collaboration of two hurt lover girls,” which Mahalia feels was the perfect one for their first duet.

Äyanna – “Is This Love”

Reveling in the inspiration she obtained from Bob Marley: One Love, Äyanna chose to cover one of her favorite songs from his discography: 1978’s “Is This Love.”

Her dreamy tone, paired with a piano melody, completely transforms the original tune into a soul-stirring ballad. Fans flooded the comments of her covering the record a cappella while hiking near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles back in February. One even joked, “Can someone tell the wind to shut up? Amazing!!!!” The reimagined rendition follows the 2023 release of her debut EP, In A Perfect World.

Inayah – Wait, There’s More

Inayah’s new album, Wait, There’s More, is the essence of a multi-dimensional woman. Whether she flips the sample of Fantasia’s “When I See You” on its head with an anti-love remake, praises God on “Glory,” or exudes confidence on “Pretty Girls,” Inayah is speaking to the masses in a versatile way.

She’s no one-trick pony, and this album displays how she combatted postpartum depression and found balance in being a mother and a performer.

“I am so sure about this body of work. It’s about reclaiming my time. It’s confident, fearless, in your face, undeniable and disruptive. There is a song on the album for everyone,” she explained in a statement.

Amirah – Wish It Wasn’t You

Amirah is such a butterfly, floating throughout the world with rare beauty and she happens to be insanely talented. As proven on her debut EP, Wish It Wasn’t You, the 18-year-old is guiding listeners on a journey of young love and self-discovery.

One can get consumed by the playfulness of “Tokio,” the vibrancy of the title track, or the splendor of “Beautiful,” but all six tracks are full of enticing melodies and utterly compelling bliss.

“Amirah has all the gifts to be a force in this industry,” Mustard said about his newest 10 Summers signee. “She has the work ethic and talent, and she is authentic and always herself, and I think that’s what will make people appreciate and gravitate towards her as she continues to grow as an artist.”

ASTN – “Soul, Body & Mind”

If you’re a fan of Jon B and Justin Timberlake, you’ll love ASTN. The breakout star is back with his first solo release of the year.

“Soul, Body & Mind” is described as a “cathartic confession about falling in love.” As the crooner becomes enamored, vying for the attention of the one who caught his eye, listeners get lost in his enchanting approach.

ASTN shares that “the idea and inspiration behind this song is as simple as love itself.” He urges romantics everywhere to embrace the slow burn and get to know someone fully before committing wholly to them. This is the lead single from his new EP, What A Night To Be In Love.

Mikahl Anthony – “Sooth Sayings”

Allow us to introduce you to Mikahl Anthony, the newest artist entering the world of neo-soul. He’s not necessarily new to the scene as a founding member of Chicago’s THEMpeople collective, but he is gearing up to release his debut album, MUSE.

Meaning “Ms. Using sensual energy” and “making use of seclusion every day,” the LP is intended to display Mikahl’s “unique style of songwriting, arrangement, and filming [to] soundtrack my self-development/maturation process.” He kicks off this musical chapter with his single, “Sooth Sayings.”

This isn’t just a standard listening experience. Mikahl’s superpower lies in his ability to merge the worlds of music and documentation, ultimately creating an immersive experience that displays why he is part of the future of good music.