Beyoncé Reveals Name, Cover Art Of Upcoming Country Album

Beyoncé is continuing to dig into her southern roots with the name and cover art for her upcoming country album, revealing its title to be Cowboy Carter.

The Houston native, 42, shared the news via Instagram, initially uploading the title and cover art to her page before deleting and adding to her Instagram Stories, instead. The cover is of a brown and silver horse saddle with a “Cowboy Carter” sash placed on top of it.


As previously announced, the album is set to drop March 29.

Bey revealed that she’d be going country for the new album in a 2024 Super Bowl commercial for Verizon, dropping singles “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” on streaming services immediately after. Her more observant fans picked up hints at her new direction from her 2024 Grammys appearance, as she rocked country-inspired garb from Pharrell’s latest LV menswear collection, topped with a white cowboy hat.

Country music icon Dolly Pardon has since congratulated Bey on the transition, sharing via Instagram, “I’m a big fan of Beyonce and very excited that she’s done a country album. So congratulations on your Billboard Hot Country number one single. Can’t wait to hear the full album!”

Days later, Pardon fueled speculation that the Destiny’s Child alum would be covering one of her biggest songs, “Jolene.”

“Well, I think she has!” the 78-year-old said of Beyoncé remaking the 1973 hit. “I think she’s recorded ‘Jolene’ and I think it’s probably gonna be on her country album, which I’m very excited about that.” She continued to praise Knowles, exclaiming “I love her!” and adding that, she’s “a beautiful girl and a great singer.”