Spice Adams and McDonald’s Link for Spicesurance Offer

Right on the heels of their Travis Scott collection and partnership, McDonald’s has linked with actor, comedian, and former NFL defensive tackle Anthony “Spice” Adams to read off the details of Spicesurance.

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spice whatnow? Spicesurance. don't worry, @spiceadams explains in. exact. detail.

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On Wednesday, September 16, McDonald’s will offer Spicesurance, a buy one get one deal that covers all fans’ orders of our new Spicy Chicken McNuggets – no matter where their taste buds fall on the spice spectrum.

Spicesurance is available in the McDonald’s App with the national arrival of our new Spicy Chicken McNuggets® and Mighty Hot Sauce. If you think you’ll be able to handle the heat, opt-in for six more Spicy Chicken McNuggets on McDonald’s. If not, they still got you covered with six classic Chicken McNuggets, no added cost.

You can read all of the full fineprint for yourself here.