RL Talks New Album ‘The Precession’

RL is best known as for singing in the male R&B group, Next, but he’s ready to establish his solo career with his new album, The Precession.

He set himself aside from the group with his Deborah Cox collaboration, “We Can’t Be Friends.” He was also featured on The Best Man soundtrack with Ginuwine, Tyrese, and Case.

It’s a perfect time for RL to make a return with a yearn for traditional R&B music.

Check out this interview with the singer below:

By working with legends, what can you say is one piece of advice you had learned from the session? What I learned more than anything is to humble myself and stay quiet. Even if I know more than everyone in the room, I can learn something from ANYBODY. Always be a sponge to your environment. It can be the smallest thing when we just sit back and observe

Your new debut album, The Precession, what are some of your elements from this album? My journey, the humbling and frustrating aspects of trying to learn the new. This album is coming back from the dead. passion, love, growth and being humble.

You are known for shaping artists’ musical sound. Jahiem single “Just in Case” became gold. How was your reaction when that came about? It was expected. not because I felt like I knew it was going to be big, but the hard work that you did yesterday can benefit what you do tomorrow. I literally left recording butter love to record just in case years later. It was a ballad but we double-timed the beat to make it up-tempo. I wrote the bridge on the phone while in LA and Jahiem and KG from Naughty by nature were in NJ. We worked so hard especially with Jahiem being so talented we expected the record to be huge.

Also why did you name the album (The Precession) that? WE try to bury our veterans. In early music I want to resurrect myself.

What story did you want to tell with your project? I want to tell a lot of stories. If we make enough relatable stories people will feel connected to different songs for different reasons. Someone who is going through pain, wanting to be intimate, new relationships, wanting to tell someone you love them and cant find the right words, simply being able to tell you or someone how they are feeling but unable to find the right words; There’s a song for that. we are in a time that you turn on a cd when you are in a mood. I come from a time where you can put on one album and it contains different songs for different moods.

What is your definition of being an underdog? Being in a situation where you had so much success early on that people throw you away and feel like you’ve done enough but you have so much more to give. My mission is to figure out ways to give it.

What do people dont know you’ve done? Jamie foxx forecast Lloyd I can change your life, Lil Duval “pull up” & “high” with my partner Brian B-flat Cook amongst so many others. I intend to leave my mark for my fans and my family.