Pop Smoke’s Mother Gives More Details About His ‘Shoot for the Stars’ Foundation

Pop Smoke launched his Shoot for the Stars foundations in January, shortly before his untimely death, and now his family plans to carry out the rapper’s plans.

The foundation’s name is the same name as Pop’s posthumous debut album, which is scheduled to be released on July 3rd.

The foundation’s mission is to help children, who are living in rough conditions, beat the odds.

“The foundation is meant to inspire inner city youth to do just what the name states, ‘shoot for the stars,’ and help urban youth everywhere turn their pain into champagne by making their dreams a reality,” Pop Smoke’s mother Ms. Jackson said.

“As [Bashar] traveled around the city, he realized that the technology he had access to during his school years was not the norm for urban schools,” Ms. Jackson continued. “It was great fun brainstorming and planning [Shoot for the Stars] with him. I am looking forward to working with the team he put together before he was so tragically taken from us.”

In January, Pop Smoke shared that he raised $100,000 for his foundation.