NBA Players Will Have Option to Wear ‘Smart Ring’ to Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms in Disney

The NBA is heading to Disney next month and the players are going to have access to something that essential workers, especially frontline health care workers, should’ve had.

Players will receive a “smart ring,” a Disney MagicBand, individual pulse oximeter, and a smart thermometer to help control the spread of the coronavirus, as per the NBA’s health and safety memo according to CNBC. The league is even exploring the option to implement a wearable alarm to enforce social distancing.

“I think we are going to be able to pull this off,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Wednesday. “We are doing everything possible to keep people safe and I think it will work.”

The smart ring can measure body temperature, respiratory functions, and heart rate, which is how medical professionals determine if someone’s sick. The ring’s company, Oura, claims the ring can predict COVID-19 symptoms at least 72 hours in advance with 90% accuracy.

22 NBA teams are scheduled to travel to Orlando to play at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. Players who decide to participate in the game will be subject to regular testing and quarantine with strict social distancing guidelines.