Kanye West’s Family is Reportedly Concerned He’s in the Midst of a Bipolar Episode

Kanye West made some bizarre comments recently and a TMZ reports suggests that we’re witnessing a severe bipolar episode.

Ye suffers from an annual episode according to the tabloid and it seems like it’s about that time.

As you probably already heard, Kanye West took to Twitter to announce his Presidential bid. He even got full support for Elon Musk who was seen hanging with the rapper days before his outburst.

But things hit the ceiling following the release of his concerning Forbes interview. The conversation was interesting to say the least.

The “Blood on the Leaves” singer revealed that he’s running under the Birthday Party, claims he’s recovered from COVID-19 in February but still is anti-vaccine, and of course, the conversation was about God at a point. The one good that came out of the conversation is that he dumped Donald Trump.

But of course, consumers can’t trust certain outlets to handle Black artists with care and they didn’t even discuss Kanye West’s mental health which is clearly a concern to his fans and family.