DJ Khaled Covers His Eyes From Twerking IG Live Fan

During this quarantine, celebrities have been keeping themselves entertained by using their Instagram live platforms in order to still connect with fans. During a live stream, DJ Khaled’s faithful card was tested when a female fan attempted to twerk for the producer.

In the recording of the live stream, you can see the fan began to twerk as an alarmed Khaled begs her to stop, and even covers his eyes. Despite his efforts, the fan continues to twerk for the producer and even takes it as far as pouring a bottle of water down her backside as she continues to dance. “No-no-no. It’s all love. I got love, but the family and everything,” Khaled says repeatedly while looking around to see if any of his family members were nearby.

The award-winning producer and his wife Nicole Tuck, have been together for around eleven years, and even share two beautiful baby boys together, Asahd and Aalam Khaled.

Khaled later posted the recording to his Instagram with the caption, “I have love for everyone please take it easy when I’m on fan luv ig luv. Again I have love for everyone please let’s be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP!”