The Alchemist Lists Hit Top 5 Producers Of All Time

The history of rap music can’t be told without the producers. One of those who is among the most influential to that story is legendary beat-maker The Alchemist. The California legend has producer for Mobb Deep, Nas, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Earl Sweatshirt, Freddie Gibbs, and many many more. Now, he’s looked to fellow producers to give them their credit. In a recent interview with Genuis Alchemist talked about five of his favorite producers of all time.

First on the list is fellow veteran DJ Premier who has also worked with dozens of legendary artists in his decades long career. Next is Dr. Dre, The Chronic and N.W.A legend who made rap history with both his production and his rapping. He then of course shouted out his own personal mentor DJ Muggs who is most notably a member of Cypress Hill. He surprised fans by including Main Source member and frequent Nas collaborator Large Professor as the 4th producer on his list. Then he finished it off with Q-Tip. He claimed that the Tribe Called Quest member doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves as a producer.

The Alchemist’s Favorite Producer

After Genius posted the video, The Alchemist took to Twitter to mention someone he forgot. “I forgot to say Madlib. My #1 inspiration,” his tweet read. There’s no doubt that many rap fans both old and new would include Alc himself on their top 5 producers list. His discography goes back decades and spans various generations of rap music’s sound and culture. He also continues to drop new music consistently to this day.

Last month, The Alchemist dropped his new EP Flying High. The project sports features from Earl Sweatshirt, Larry June, Boldy James, Mike, billy woods, and more. Earlier this year The Alchemist dropped an entire new collaborative album with Larry June. His classic collaborative album No Idols with Domo Genesis also finally made its way to streaming. What do you think of The Alchemist’s top 5 producers list? Who else do you think should have been included? Let us know in the comment section below.

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