Mase Reacts To Gisele Bundchen Cheating Allegations By Offering A Warning To Men Everywhere

Mase is someone who does not mince words when he feels a particular way about a topic. In fact, recently, he has been able to speak freely on his show It Is What It Is. Overall, the show with Cam’ron has been a massive success. They talk about a plethora of sports topics, and they will even move the conversation to pop culture if they have to. Most recently, they spoke on the Tom Brady rumors regarding Gisele Bundchen. It was alleged that she was cheating on Brady with her personal trainer, and as you can imagine, Mase had a lot to say on this.

In fact, the artist issued a warning to men with girlfriends and wives. Essentially, he said to be weary if a woman ever hires a male personal trainer. “Whenever you break up with somebody it’s like a death, you go through the grieving process, you get angry, all of those things. That’s just what they say,” Mase said. “But to say that he’s finally realized she was cheating: did he not know before? Lemme tell you fellas something: if the girl got a trainer, number one, she coulda got a female trainer. The fact that she got a male trainer is already kinda like a red flag.”

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Mase Weighs In

“And if he wear those kind of pants, pause, like them Dry-Fit Nike pants, that’s really tight, pause. And then he wanna wear the shirt with his company on it. He probably smashin’,” he continued. “Cause he’s constantly telling her, ‘Go down; get up; go deeper.’ So in her mind, she’s used to hearing ’em say all of this. It’s gonna be almost like he’s planning Brady’s demise by doing this. He settin’ her up.” Needless to say, Mase feels very strongly about this issue. At the end of the day, he is just looking out for his fellow men.

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