Lil Mama Calls Nicki Minaj A Musical Prostitute After BET Awards Win

Lil Mama is no stranger to controversy. The rapper infamously crashed a performance by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and her career never recovered. This did not stop her, however, from giving her thoughts on Nicki Minaj. The Young Money superstar won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards, and instead of congratulating her, Lil Mama decided to tear down her entire career. Lil Mama not only criticized Minaj for her sexualized persona, but claimed that she’s had a negative impact on the genre.

The rant came about via social media on July 1. Lil Mama decided to get into it with Minaj’s infamous fan base, and she did not hold back. She labeled Minaj a “musical prostitute” and proceeded to get meaner from there. “What major musical prostitutes from the last do you remember from the last 15 years,” she wrote. “Who do you think they watched corporate give a platform and flowers for sitting out. Be forreal.” Lil Mama then pointed to Minaj’s influence on the current wave of female rappers. Not in a positive light, either. “They are laughing at us, and the award was a ‘thanks to you, now we have 7, 8, 9 of ’em.'”

Lil Mama Previously Took Credit For Nicki Minaj’s Style

Several users came to Nicki Minaj’s defense. Some claimed that Lil Mama would have been on the BET stage if she were invited. She responded to this by drawing a line in the sand between her and Minaj. “Are you saying that I would have been performing be selling p**sy too or just performing,” she asked. The “Lil Gloss” rapper then tried to tweak her message to assume a more positive perspective. “It’s all love,” she wrote. “God is the greatest and these women are gonna wake up and realize that they are worth more than any price tag.”

This is not the first time Lil Mama has had critiques for Nicki Minaj. Ironically, the first time she did was to accuse Minaj of copying her style. “My cut is blunt and futuristic and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show,” the rapper told MTV in 2011. “At the end of the day I know what I do. And I know what I possess and I know who I am. I’m a trendsetter.” Things have obviously changed over the last decade, and now Lil Mama sees herself as an antidote to, rather than an inspiration for, the biggest female rapper of all time.

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