LEC Summer 2023: Team Vitality Elimated From LEC Finals

After the monumental change to move the LEC to three splits per year, we have finally reached the Summer Split. Here, champions will be forged, and the final attendees of the LEC Finals chosen. G2 and MAD Lions have already qualified. They will be joined by the winner of this split, plus the three-highest-scoring teams in Championship Points. From there, those six teams will battle it out for four places at Worlds. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

HotNewHipHop is here to give you the perfect tool to follow along with all the action. In this article, you will find every roster move and an easy-to-understand breakdown of all ten teams’ rosters. Furthermore, you will be able to find the result of every game, as well as regularly-updated standings.

Rosters And Transactions

Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
Astralis Finn 113 LIDER Kobbe JeongHoon
Excel Esports Odoamme Peach Abbedagge Patrik LIMIT
Fnatic Oscarinin Razork Humanoid Noah Trymbi
G2 BrokenBlade Yike Caps Hans Sama Mikyx
KOI Szygenda Malrang Larssen Comp Advienne
MAD Lions Chasy Elyoya Nisqy Carzzy Hylissang
SK Gaming Irrelevant Markoon Sertuss Exakick Doss
Team BDS Adam Sheo nuc Crownie Labrov
Team Heretics Evi Jankos Vetheo Flakked Mersa
Team Vitality Photon Bo
Perkz Upset Kaiser
Names that appear in this table only reflect confirmed roster moves.

April 2023

  • 8th: Team Vitality release coach Mephisto.
  • 10th: Team Heretics mid laner Ruby is listed as inactive.
  • 28th: Fnatic ADC Rekkles role-swaps to support and is listed as inactive.

May 2023

  • 12th: Fnatic release inactive top laner Wunder.
  • 16th: Jungler Xerxe leaves Excel Esports to join Spanish ERL team Giants.
  • 19th: Team Heretics release inactive mid laner Ruby.
  • 23rd: Inactive Excel support Targamas joins Karmine Corp. Meanwhile, inactive Team Vitality ADC Neon joins Vitality.Bee. Elsewhere, Team Heretics ADC Jackspektra joins Team Heretics Academy.
  • 26th: Unicorns of Love jungler Peach signs with Excel Esports.
  • 28th: Team Heretics send ADC Jackspektra to Los Heretics.
  • 31st: Team Heretics promote ADC Flakked from Los Heretics.

June 2023

  • 6th: Fnatic release support Advienne.
  • 7th: Inactive mid laner Vetheo joins Team Heretics from Excel Esports.
  • 8th: KOI release support Trymbi.
  • 9th: KOI sign free agent support Advienne
  • 10th: Fnatic sign ADC Noah from Polish team Zero Tenacity and free agent support Trymbi.
  • 23rd: Inactive Astralis mid laner Dajor joins Spanish team Rebels Gaming
  • 30th: Team Vitality bench jungler Bo and promote academy jungler Daglas

July 2023

  • 4th: Team Vitality jungler Daglas returns to Vitality.Bee

Match Results

Per the new league format, the split’s regular season will comprise of three weeks of three matchdays each. The top eight teams qualify for the GSL round of the playoffs.

Team Record
G2 [Q] 8 – 1
Fnatic [Q] 7 – 2
Excel Esports [Q] 5 – 4
Team Heretics [Q] 5 – 4
Team BDS [Q] 4 – 5
SK Gaming [Q] 4 – 5
MAD Lions [Q] 4 – 5
KOI [Q] 4 – 5
Astralis [E] 3 – 6
Team Vitality [E] 1 – 7

Week 1

June 17

MAD Lions 1 – 0 Team Vitality
Team Heretics 1 – 0 SK Gaming
KOI 1 – 0 Excel Esports
G2 1 – 0 Team BDS
Fnatic 1 – 0 Astralis

June 18

Team Vitality 1 – 0 SK Gaming
Excel Esports 0 – 1 Fnatic
MAD Lions 1 – 0 G2
KOI 0 – 1 Team BDS
Team Heretics 1 – 0 Astralis

June 19

Excel Esports 0 – 1 SK Gaming
Team BDS 0 – 1 Astralis
KOI 0 – 1 MAD Lions
Fnatic 0 – 1 G2
Team Vitality 0 – 1 Team Heretics

Week 2

June 24

June 25

Excel Esports 1 – 0 Team BDS
Astralis 1 – 0 Team Vitality
Team Heretics 0 – 1 KOI
G2 1 – 0 SK Gaming
Fnatic 1 – 0 MAD Lions

June 26

Team BDS 0 – 1 Team Heretics
MAD Lions 0 – 1 Excel Esports
G2 1 – 0 Astralis
KOI 0 – 1 SK Gaming
Fnatic 1 – 0 Team Vitality

Week 3

July 1

Astralis 1 – 0 SK Gaming
MAD Lions 0 – 1 Team Heretics
Team Vitality 0 – 1 KOI
Excel Esports 0 – 1 G2
Fnatic 1 – 0 Team BDS

July 2

Excel Esports 1 – 0 Astralis
Team BDS 1 – 0 Team Vitality
G2 1 – 0 KOI
Team Heretics 0 – 1 Fnatic
SK Gaming 1 – 0 MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality’s loss officially eliminated them from playoff contention. Furthermore, SK Gaming’s win confirmed Team Vitality’s 10th-place finish.

July 3

Team BDS 1 – 0 MAD Lions
Team Vitality 0 – 1 Excel Esports
KOI 1 – 0 Astralis
Team Heretics 0 – 1 G2
SK Gaming 1 – 0 Fnatic

Group Stage

Group A

Team BDS
Team Heretics


G2 2 – 0 KOI
Team Heretics 1 – 2 Team BDS
G2 2 – 0 Team BDS
KOI v Team Heretics
Team BDS v Winner of M4

Group B

Excel Esports
SK Gaming
MAD Lions


Fnatic 0 – 2 SK Gaming
Excel Esports 2 – 0 MAD Lions
SK Gaming 1 – 2 Excel Esports
Fnatic v MAD Lions
SK Gaming v Winner of M4

Knockout Stage

Lower Bracket Eliminator: Group A 2nd Place v Group B 2nd Place
Upper Bracket Final: G2 v Excel
Lower Bracket Final: Loser of G2/Excel v Winner of Lower Bracket Eliminator
Grand Final: Winner of Upper Bracket Final v Winner of Lower Bracket Final

LEC Finals

The LEC Finals will take place in Montpellier, France between August 19 and September 10. The six teams competing will be a combination of split winners and highest championship points earners.


G2 (Winter split champions)
MAD Lions (Spring split champions)
Summer split champions (or best finisher excluding G2 and MAD Lions)
Highest championship points (excluding G2, MAD Lions, and Summer split champion) [Currently – Team BDS]
Second-highest championship points (excluding G2, MAD Lions, and Summer split champion) [Currently – KOI]
Third-highest championship points (excluding G2, MAD Lions, and Summer split champion) [Currently – SK Gaming]

Current Championship Points Standings

Team Points
G2 300
MAD Lions 250
Team BDS [Q] 190
KOI 150
SK Gaming 150
Team Vitality 137
Excel 130
Astralis [E] 105
Fnatic 75
Team Heretics 60
Bold indicates that a team is no longer competing in the Summer split and has finalized their championship points
  • Totals include the minimum points a team can earn during the Summer split.
  • Astralis and Team Vitality have finalized their points for the year. Astralis are officially eliminated as their total of 105 is not enough to qualify for the LEC Finals. Team Vitality can still qualify for the LEC Finals, depending on the performances of other teams.