LCS Summer 2023 Tracker: Roster Moves And Results

The race to Worlds is finally here. By the time September rolls around, just four LCS teams will be moving onto Worlds. Riot Games accounted that Worlds 2023 will feature a brand new format, meaning that three LCS teams will qualify for the tournament’s Swiss Stage. Meanwhile, one team will qualify for the Wildcard Qualifier, which will send one team to the Worlds Play-In stage.

HotNewHipHop is here to give you the perfect tool to follow along with all the action. In this article, you will find every roster move and an easy-to-understand breakdown of all ten teams’ rosters. Furthermore, you will be able to find the result of every game, as well as regularly-updated standings.

Rosters And Transactions

Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
100 Thieves Ssumday Closer Quid Doublelift Busio
Cloud9 Fudge Blaber ENEMES Berserker Zven
Dignitas Rich Santorin Jensen Tomo Diamond
Evil Geniuses Revenge Armao Jojopyun UNF0RGIVEN Eyla
FlyQuest Impact Spica VicLa Prince Vulcan
Golden Guardians Licorice River Gori Stixxay Huhi
Immortals Solo Kenvi Bolulu Tactical Treatz
NRG Dhokla Contractz Palafox FBI IgNar
Team Liquid Summit Pyosik Haeri Yeon CoreJJ
TSM Hauntzer Bugi Ruby WildTurtle Chime
Names that appear in this table only reflect confirmed roster moves.

April 2023

  • 7th: Team Liquid release head coach MaRin. Meanwhile, FlyQuest promote Winsome from FlyQuest Challengers to the LCS roster. Furthermore, 100 Thieves mid laner Bjergsen announced his retirement.
  • 11th: Cloud9 release positional coach Selfie.
  • 17th: Immortals demote support Fleshy to Immortals Challengers and sign free agent support Treatz. Elsewhere, Dignitas support Biofrost leaves the active roster to become a team content creator.
  • 18th: Immortals release top laner Revenge.
  • 26th. Evil Geniuses release head coach Freeze and assistant head coach H4xDefender. Meanwhile, Immortals sign free agent top laner Solo.
  • 28th: Team Liquid promote assistant head coach Reignover to head coach and team manager Dodo to assistant head coach.
  • 29th: Evil Geniuses release top laner Ssumday, jungler Inspired, ADC FBI, and support Vulcan.

May 2023

  • 2nd: Dignitas sign free agent top laner Rich. Elsewhere, TSM part ways with head coach Chawy.
  • 3rd: Cloud9 release positional coach Armao and sign free agent positional coach Duffman. Meanwhile, TSM release mid laner Maple.
  • 9th: 100 Thieves demote head coach Nukeduck to assistant head coach and hire free agent head coach Cain.
  • 10th: Top laner Armut leaves Dignitas to join Turkish team SuperMassive.
  • 11th: Mid laner Quid joins 100 Thieves from Gen.G Academy.
  • 12th: Top laner Ssumday joins 100 Thieves. Ssumday previously played for 100 Thieves between Spring 2018 and Summer 2022.
  • 13th: 100 Thieves top laner Tenacity leaves the active roster to become a team content creator.
  • May 17th: Dignitas promote academy support Diamond to the LCS roster.
  • 18th: TSM sign free agent head coach Reven. Elsewhere, free agent Armao role-swaps from positional coach to jungler and signs with Evil Geniuses.
  • 19th: FlyQuest release substitute support Eyla and sign free agent support Vulcan.
  • 23rd: TSM announce their Summer roster, adding free agent top laner Hauntzer and free agent mid laner Ruby.
  • 25th: Evil Geniuses head of player development Razvan moves to the role of head coach.
  • 27th: NRG release ADC Luger. Furthermore, support IgNar signs from Dignitas.

June 2023

  • 2nd: Golden Guardians sign free agent ADC Array as their team substitute.

Confirmed Moves Without Dates

  • Evil Geniuses sign top laner Revenge, ADC UNF0RGIVEN, and support Eyla

NACL Roster Moves

June 2023

  • 1st: Disguised sign top laner FakeGod, jungler Tomio, mid laner Young, ADC Meech, support Zeyzal, and head coach Goldenglue.
  • 6th: Supernova releases top laner Dragoon, jungler Kisno, mid laner Onat, ADC Azog, support Chookies, and substitute Avril. Meanwhile, the team signs top laner Qwacker, jungler Music, midlaner RobbyBob, ADC Sketchdreams, support Trevor, head coach Mesmerism, and assistants Pookar and Shiazuri. Elsewhere, FlyQuest Challengers sign top laner Faisal.

Match Results

The LCS Summer Split will run for eight weeks between June 1 and July 21. The group stage will be followed by the playoffs, which will conclude on August 20. This year, the LCS Summer Split Grand Final is being held in Newark.

UPDATE: Following a decision to strike by the LCS Players Association on May 28, Riot Games announced that the start of the LCS Summer split would be delayed by two weeks.

Week 1

June 15

Golden Guardians v Immortals
100 Thieves v Cloud9
Dignitas v Team Liquid
Evil Geniuses v FlyQuest

June 16

TSM v Golden Guardians
Immortals v 100 Thieves
Team Liquid v Evil Geniuses
FlyQuest v Dignitas
Cloud9 v NRG

Week 2

June 21

TSM v Evil Geniuses
FlyQuest v Team Liquid
NRG v Golden Guardians
100 Thieves v Dignitas
Cloud9 v Immortals

June 22

NRG v FlyQuest
Team Liquid v Cloud9
Dignitas v TSM
Evil Geniuses v Immortals
Golden Guardians v 100 Thieves

June 23

Cloud9 v Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid v Golden Guardians
Dignitas v NRG
TSM v 100 Thieves
Immortals v FlyQuest

Week 3

June 29

NRG v Team Liquid
100 Thieves v FlyQuest
Golden Guardians v Cloud9
Dignitas v Evil Geniuses
Immortals v TSM

June 30

Evil Geniuses v 100 Thieves
Cloud9 v Dignitas
FlyQuest v Golden Guardians
Team Liquid v Immortals

Week 4

July 6

Dignitas v FlyQuest
NRG v Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid v 100 Thieves
Immortals v Cloud9
Golden Guardians v TSM

July 7

100 Thieves v Immortals
Evil Geniuses v Golden Guardians
Cloud9 v Team Liquid
FlyQuest v NRG
TSM v Dignitas

Week 5

July 13

Immortals v Golden Guardians
FlyQuest v Evil Geniuses
Cloud9 v 100 Thieves
TSM v Team Liquid
NRG v Dignitas

July 14

100 Thieves v TSM
Evil Geniuses v Cloud9
Team Liquid v FlyQuest
Golden Guardians v NRG
Dignitas v Immortals

Week 6

July 19

Dignitas v 100 Thieves
Golden Guardians v Team Liquid
NRG v Cloud9
FlyQuest v TSM
Immortals v Evil Geniuses

July 20

Golden Guardians v Dignitas
FlyQuest v Immortals
100 Thieves v NRG
Evil Geniuses v Team Liquid
TSM v Cloud9

July 21

Immortals v NRG
Evil Geniuses v TSM
Cloud9 v FlyQuest
Team Liquid v Dignitas
100 Thieves v Golden Guardians

At this time, it is unknown what the fixtures will be for Weeks 7 and 8.