Is Ryan Garcia On Cocaine? Cam’ron Certainly Thinks So

Cam’ron has attributed Ryan Garcia’s recent string of concerning posts about conspiracy theories to be the result of cocaine. “This got yola written all over it. Yola, sugar, nose candy. That [sniffs]… Yeah, Snow White, Becky. This got this written all over it,” Cam’ron proclaimed. However, Ma$e was a little more cautious. “I thought this was very, very alarming and that something was really wrong. So I’m trying to stay serious about it because I got a lot of jokes coming into my mind. But I don’t wanna joke on this situation,” Ma$e said.

Following an apparent hack over the weekend, Garcia, or at least Garcia’s account, has continued to post concerning content. The boxer claimed that he was “taken to the woods” where he was “forced to watch kids getting raped”. He also tweeted that he was shown an alien and that he has proof that he could potentially release. However, things only got weirder when Garcia joined a Twitter Space hosted by Andrew Tate. Garcia reasserted his claim that he had been forced to watch pornography featuring children after being “tied down in the woods”. Furthermore, Garcia also said, “Bohemian Grove is real”. Bohemian Grove is a private campground belonging to a Gentleman’s Club in California. Conspiracy theorists believe that the ultra-exclusive two-week annual gatherings held at Bohemian Grove are actually secret meetings of the Illuminati or members of the “New World Order”.

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Bryce Hall Responds To Ryan Garcia Allegations

Meanwhile, Bryce Hall has dismissed the allegations of inappropriate conduct with minors made about him by boxer Ryan Garcia. “Credible sources lol. I also murdered someone if anybody says that online too,” Hall wrote in response to a Drama Alert post reporting Garcia’s claims.

The boxer, who has spent the few days making increasingly concerning posts, took aim at Hall earlier today. “Apologize for messing with underage kids,” Garcia wrote while calling out Hall by name. “You need to repent and stop hiding behind TikTok for clout,” Garcia added. Hall has been previously sued for his conduct at an LA restaurant. However, there have been no previous allegations linking him to conduct with minors. Garcia has since deleted the tweet. Furthermore, Garcia has since said that he will not be speaking on another other than his upcoming fight with Devin Haney.

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