Anthony Edwards Receives Staunch Advice From Cam’ron & Mase Amid Abortion Scandal

Anthony Edwards is currently in the news for a huge story that broke over the weekend. Essentially, a woman came out and leaked text messages in which he can be seen asking the woman to get an abortion. Overall, she claims that she was pregnant with his child at the same time that Edwards’ girlfriend was also pregnant. Of course, Edwards did not want the child and immediately resorted to demanding an abortion. Subsequently, the woman obliged although she was clearly uncomfortable with the entire scenario.

Following this leak, Edwards told reporters that he was sorry for what took place and that it was not in his character. It was a heartfelt apology although the damage was already done, in a sense. Now, many are commenting on the Edwards situation as they want to give the young man some guidance. Among those to do this was Cam’ron and Mase. Taking to It Is What It Is early this week, the two offered some sage advice for the young NBA superstar.

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Cam & Mase Speak On Anthony Edwards

In the video above, Cam and Mase waste no time tackling the situation. In the eyes of Mase, Edwards needs to be more sensitive moving forward. He additionally noted that Edwards can’t rely on money to solve all of his problems. Furthermore, Cam chimed in noting that some women do not have good intentions. Consequently, you have to move properly, especially when you know that you have a large contract that may be attractive to people with bad motives. Needless to say, they just want the young man to be more careful.

Hopefully, Edwards is able to learn from this situation, moving forward. Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports world. We will always keep you informed on the biggest stories involving your favorite athletes. Will also be keeping you informed on the music world and the biggest releases.

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