Yung Miami Challenges Sexyy Red To A Twerking Battle

Sexyy Red had a breakout 2023 as a rapper, but it’s far from the only skill she showed off during her meteoric rise. She’s also become one of the definitive twerkers in rap music, using the dance repeatedly as a go-to in viral videos and during concerts. While she may be approaching the right to call herself the best in the game, recently another challenger approached her for the crown. That came just after a video of Yung Miami showing off her skills while on a yacht made the rounds online.

As fans showed their love for both artists, Miami threw down the gauntlet. She stumbled upon a video of Sexyy Red twerking to her new song “Get It Sexyy” and proposed a challenge. “Hold na I wanna battle,” Miami said in a quote tweet of the original video of Red. The claim had fans immediately considering their allegiances. “She gone win lol Miami you can’t even twerk” one of the comments on the post reads. There are certainly plenty of fans taking Miami’s side though. Check out the challenge she threw out below.

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Yung Miami Wants A Twerk-Off With Sexyy Red

Much of the news related to Miami recently has to do with Diddy. The rap mogul had two of his properties searched by the feds last week and rumors about Miami swirled for the entirety of the following week. Some of them were less substantiated, like tweets about her being some kind of informant that forced her to chime in.

But when she was named in producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit she had to make a more serious refutation. Her lawyers pulled out receipts from the time stated in the lawsuit. They claim that Miami was actually in an entirely different city than Diddy at the time, getting measurements for her MET Gala dress. What do you think of Yung Miami challenging Sexyy Red to a twerking battle? Who do you think would win if the two actually went head-to-head? Let us know in the comment section below.

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