YSL Mondo Reacts to Gunna’s Album: ‘You Still Folded On Your Ma

YSL Mondo has heard Gunna’s new album and is delivering a message: “You still folded on your man’s”

Mondo delivered the message on his Instagram Story. “I heard your album lil buddy & like I always said we can’t take the fact that you make good music away from you but baby boy you still folded on your man’s I can’t take you serious definitely can’t take you serious rapping about street shit lol might as well go gospel my boy you done in the streets.”

This isn’t the first time Mondo has called out Gunna. In a January episode of the Ugly Money Podcast with Murphy Lee, Youg Slime Life co-founder Mondo called out his former partner Gunna for supposedly snitching as a part of the plea deal in the YSL RICO case.


When asked what comes to mind when he hears certain words with Gunna’s name being mentioned, Mondo replied, “I’m talking personally, on everything I love, I’m talking I know what’s going. Boy, you ain’t supposed to do that, my brother. Even if I did be talking to nobody, everybody who got common sense, everybody who’s been in the streets know, you do not, boy, you don’t do no shit like that my brother.”

He went on to say, “I always said, bruh, he was a good genuine n-gga … But certain shit makes you do certain shit … You can’t say, ‘Oh, they tricked me,’ or ‘Oh, I ain’t talked,’ or ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ Come on, my brother. It’s certain shit you just don’t do. And hey boy, you crossed the line, my brother. You did that.”

When Murph asked if he was calling Gunna a snitch, he responded, “Everybody got the same ears I got? Unless you’re deaf or you’re blind. You took a plea saying you’re the main artist brother, you know this a gang and on top of that you got caught with something and it wasn’t yours, so who else was it? Who doing shit like that? Who doing that?”

You can hear Gunna’s album here.