YNW Melly Requests Release From Prison After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

As more Hip-Hop artists are coming forward with positive tests for COVID-19, Florida artist turned inmate YNW Melly says he’s acutely sick from the novel coronavirus and is afraid that he might die if he’s not released.

Melly’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, had filed a motion to allow the jailed rapper an early release, alleging that since Melly tested positive for the virus, he has been suffering from severe chills, heavy labored breathing, headaches and body aches.

Cohen also claims that Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, is confined in a cell with another COVID-19 positive inmate, neither of which are being properly monitored by the prison staff. Additionally, Cohen alleges that the facility is not prepared to handle the pandemic, accusing them of “not giving them masks or cleaning supplies that would be beneficial regarding his recovery. This is against all recommendations of the Surgeon General and CDC.”

Cohen says that Melly’s weight has dwindled down to a frail 114 pounds.


Cohen is requesting that Demons be allowed to be placed on a strict house arrest and treated at a private medical facility on his own dime.

As previously reported, Melly has been locked down for a year for the double murder of two members of the YNW crew.