YBN Nahmir Denies Scamming Fan For $200 After Adin Ross Pressure

YBN Nahmir is clapping back at any and all detractors online, and is now dealing with some scamming accusations from a fan. Moreover, an up-and-coming artist leaked alleged DMs with him claiming that he paid $200 for him to promote him and their collab on social media. “I get it bro,” the rapper allegedly began his reply to the fan’s qualms before allegedly ghosting him altogether. “You know the thing with me is bro I’ll be agreeing to s**t but it’s just too low at the same time. Like I feel like it’s cool for me to post it on like my Snapchat story for the 200 you feel me? Feel like for my actual [story] it should be more like 500 do you feel me on Instagram? You feel me though, bro.”

“$200 is crazy lol,” YBN Nahmir expressed on Twitter shortly after the artist’s posts on the matter went viral, seemingly downplaying the interaction. “I don’t even know what that is & tbh I never even check my IG dm’s. I have a team lol. Tired of n***as lying on my name u h* a** n***a,” he continued while adding alleged screenshots of IG DMs between the two.

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YBN Nahmir Goes Back & Forth With Alleged Scam Victim

“Firs the n***as bought an open off of me which I sent him & cleared it for em,” YBN Nahmir continued. “Than the n***a start having a fake conversation with himself believing he actually sent 200 n***a u ain’t sent s**t. I never even answered u anymore. u was asking for s**t for low a** prices I wasn’t finna do it. Stop the [cap emoji] n***a weird a** hell if I was gonn scam u why tf I wouldn’t have done it before I gave u a song cleared it and all that lame a** b***h.” “N***a’s that never paid me lying on my name tryna get clout,” he shared on his IG Story.

Of course, this is a bit ironic considering the Alabama MC’s recent scuffle with Adin Ross. He wanted to box the media personality for $100K, but Ross turned it down and said that he’s not worth his time. We’ll see whether another situation pops up in which YBN Nahmir will either refuse payment to prove a point or put money on the line to fulfill his goals… however odd they may be. Regardless, log back into HNHH for more news and the latest updates on him.

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