Worst Take: Joe Budden and Stephen A. Smith Agree to Debate LeBron vs. Jordan

Get ready for the debate of all debates: Stephen A. Smith vs. Joe Budden. The franchise player at ESPN and the Podfather are prepared to embrace debate over one of the Internet’s favorite topics, Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James.

Let’s catch you up. Budden has long believed James has passed Jordan and isn’t a fan of the players Jordan had to face in his career, among other factors. Seeing Budden‘s take on The JBP, Smith hit his own podcast and said he respects the Pod King, but he is wrong.

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On Episode 630 of The JBP, Budden responded, asking Stephen A. to make his way to the pod.

“Open invite, Stephen A., whenever you want to sit on either one of these fine couches, let’s embrace debate,” Budden said. “Stephen A., I would love to have that debate with you, and unfortunately for you, I’m way more armed today than whenever you heard that clip.”

Stephen A. would respond on Twitter, “My Brother, I will happily accept that invitation. Nothing but love for you and your show.”

He added, “Just let me get through these Finals. The second I have time this Summer, I’ll gladly accept your invite. See you soon, Bro!”

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The NBA Finals begin on Thursday, bringing the Miami HEAT against the Denver Nuggets.