Wiz Khalifa is Now COVID-19 Delta Variant Free

Wiz Khalifa cleared from new Delta variant of the Coronavirus.

Wiz Khalifa announced on Twitter that he is now free of COVID-19 after revealing earlier this week that he tested positive for the virus, but showed no symptoms. 

More than likely the strain of COVID-19 Wiz caught came from the new Delta variant of the Coronavirus that has been going around. 

On Sunday, the former head of the FDA, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, explained on Face The Nation just how serious this new variant is.

“This virus is so contagious, this variant is so contagious that it’s going to infect the majority — that most people will either get vaccinated or have been previously infected or they will get this Delta variant,” Gottlieb said. “And for most people who get this Delta variant, it’s going to be the most serious virus that they get in their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital.”

Now since Wiz is COVID-19 free and quarantine clean, the Pittsburgh rapper can get back to working on his role as Funk icon George Clinton in the new biopic, Spinning Gold. 

Spinning Gold is a film based on the life of famed record producer Neil Bogart. Not sure when the film will be released, but it’s in development.