Will.i.am Says That Biggie And 2Pac’s Music Doesn’t “Speak To My Spirit,” Reveals What Artists Inspired Him

While 2Pac and Biggie are referred to as two of the greatest, if not the greatest rappers of all time, there is a group of people who might have liked their music, but not as much as others. Will.i.am is in that group of people.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Confessions, the Black Eyed Peas co-founder said that 2Pac and Biggies type of music “doesn’t speak to my spirit.”

“Like when people say 2Pac and Biggie, I’m such a Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul head that I don’t like 2Pac and Biggie,” the 47-year-old explained. “That kind of music doesn’t speak to my spirit. I like Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One, I like—if it’s like, 2Pac or Biggie? It’s KRS-One. Why those two?”

Will.i.am added that 2Pac and Big spoke to the projects whereas De La Soul and ATCQ was his escape from the projects.

“I hold Eric B. and Rakim like that. 2Pac’s dope—don’t get me wrong,” he said. “It’s not like I don’t think he’s dope. It spoke to the projects. My escape is De La/Tribe out the projects.”

Will.i.am added,“It took me out the projects physically, as far as being able to reach my dreams, that was my path out. … It kept me safe while I was in the projects,” he said. “Had I loved 2Pac and Biggie while I was in the projects, I probably would have been stuck in the projects still.”

You can check out his full comments below.