Westside Gunn Salutes Jay Electronica, Teases He Could be Joining Griselda

Is the Griselda Records roster about to get deeper? Westside Gunn hopped on Instagram and teased Jay Eletronica joining the collective.

“Shout out to Jay Electronica. Jay Electronica might be Griselda,” Gunn said. “Y’all might not know what the fuck we doing behind the scenes, man. Jay Electronica might be Griselda. Yeah, for real. Ask him, see what he tells you. You heard it first.”

No one has tracked down Jay Electronica yet to get his input, but Gunn’s word is strong enough. You can hear it from him below.

After returning from Paris Fashion Week, Westside Gunn released his new project Peace Fly God. The entire release was created in a 48-hour session.

“As soon as I landed back in the states from Paris, the homies pulled right up on me,” Gunn said of the album.

The new release has production from Madlib, Daringer, Conductor Williams, and Don Carrera. Joining Westside on the bars are Stove God Cooks and Estee Nack. Not one to leave his fans hanging, Gunn will be back with Michelle Records later this year.

You can hear the new release below.