[WATCH] Wack 100 Calls J. Prince a ‘Bozo’ Over Claims He Saved Cardi B./Offset in Gang Beef in Cali

Culture critic Wack 100 has jumped into the line of fire between J. Prince and Offset after disputing claims that the Rap-a-Lot Records mogul rescued Cardi B. during a potential gang beef with the Crips for her use of the word “flu” before a performance in Los Angeles.

Prince went at the Migos member in a lengthy Instagram post yesterday, calling Offset a “fake mothafucka” after Offset claimed that he doesn’t know Prince “from a can of paint.” Prince alleges he came to Cardi’s rescue in L.A., but the “Bodak Yellow” rapstress calls the 57-year-old’s claims “fairy tales” and that the only people that came through on her side were Wack and Big U.

“NEVER….tell him to show receipts,” she fired back on Twitter. “Only people that was there was Wack and Big U ….why would he be call for anything involving crips? Whole bunch of fairy tales.”


Wack responds to Prince and his issues with Offset, accusing Prince of “dry snitching” by bringing up his past problems with the Migos member.