[WATCH] Vic Mensa Delivers New “$wish” Video with Chance the Rapper and G-Eazy

The music video for Vic Mensa’s most recent track, “$wish,” with Chance the Rapper and G-Eazy, is now available. Vic and his partners highlight their success and wealth throughout the city in the new video, which perfectly portrays the braggadocious high energy of the song.

The new video gives the already-explosive song a boost in energy by featuring a group of attractive female companions, skipping alongside a race car that once belonged to the late drift racer Jake Rio, conducting business on his Harley-Davidson, and showing off a boisterous side of Vic and his rapping skills.

“$WISH came from a writing camp me & Chance did in LA working on a bunch of music together,” states Vic, “it was really just a fun, spontaneous vibe. Me & Bongo were freestyling and then Chance said he had a line so I just recorded him putting his verse together. G-Eazy is one of my best friends in the industry and someone I’ve known for probably 12 years, so it just all made sense.”


The song is the follow-up to “Strawberry Louis Vuitton (feat. Thundercat and Maeta),” which was released in January. It is a deep love ballad that was followed by an incredible music video in which Mensa played the song while skydiving in a replica Virgil Abloh suit.

You can see the video below.