[WATCH] Trick Daddy Speaks On Uncle Murda’s Annual “Rap Up”: ‘You’re A Clown’

On the most recent episode of his podcast I Got My Pots, Miami Hip Hop legend Trick Daddy spoke very openly about Uncle Murda and his yearly “Rap Up” tracks, where he “respectfully disrespects” rappers and celebs who made the headlines from the past year.

13:40 into the episode, Trick Daddy said that going viral is for social media influencers and clowns before saying that the Brooklyn rapper is “the number one clown.” Trick then slammed all of Murda’s Rap-Ups, saying, “you ain’t got nothing else better to do. That’s clown s**t, boy.” 

TD said he wasn’t even going to bring up Murda and his Rap Up tracks, but recalled being one of his targets on one of the year-ending tracks that made Murda declare, “I’m a part of the holidays like Mariah”.


See the episode below.