[WATCH] T.I. Speaks On Dropping ‘King of The South’ Title On New Album

In a recent interview with TMZ, the self-proclaimed “King Of The South” T.I. spoke about dropping that title when he drops his new LP Kill The King, which he says will be his final album. T.I. says his 2006 LP King started him off on “the beginning of a long road of many challenges, opposition, and adversity.”

He went on about the title change, saying, “Big Boi cautioned me of this back when I was coming onto the scene. Big Boi said, ‘It sounds cool. I like it, but understand when you are a king, you put a big bullseye on your back. You can’t look for no favors. Life is a game of chess, and the name of the game is called Kill The King. That’s what you are setting yourself up for.’ [At the age] I didn’t really think much of it.”