[WATCH] Shyne and Fat Joe Discuss Details of 1999 Club NY Shooting

Shyne and Fat Joe recently connected on Fat Joe’s IG Live in conversations that reflected upon Shyne’s early career, including the famous 1999 New York club shooting that led him to prison and then to being deported back to his native country of Belize.

Shyne shared that during the early days of his career, his lifestyle of luxury and fame was halted when he found himself in fear and faced with defending himself against one of Brooklyn’s well-known gangsters named Scar. Shyne shared during the interview with Fat Joe that he felt like he had to protect himself and all those around him, as he was threatened by Scar in the club that night. “You know how these arguments be. Once he started talking that ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ‘you about to be DOA’d’, I knew what time it was. I know Scar. He’s from Brooklyn and I know how get down.” When Fat Joe processed what Shyne might have thought when this was happening, such as this incident being all over CNN and major news, Shyne said, “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” 

This famous controversy occurred during Diddy’s well-publicized relationship with American-Latin singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who were both presents during the incident, possibly causing their breakup. During the interview, Shyne also shared that those days of his early career where fast lived. He even recalled a time when he tried to hook up with one of Diddy’s exes and how his spending habits quickly dwindled when he faced trouble.  Also, Shyne discussed why Diddy separated from Shyne, which was due to the negative impact of the shooting on the Diddy and Bad Boy corporation.