[WATCH] Pop Smoke’s Mother Shares Inability to Listen to First Posthumous Album

This weekend, fans got a listen to Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album titled Faith, and the debate surrounding the album is heavy!

Whether you are a fan of the rapper’s project or not, the late rapper’s mother, Audrey Jackson sat down in an interview with Angie Martinez to discuss the success of her son.

In the interview Jackson shares that she has yet to listen to Pop’s first posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, because it is apart of the “Immediate loss” of her son.

“With the new album it’s easier to hear his voice,” his mother shared. “I don’t know if it’s because time has passed or he does sound different on this. His sound, his style, it’s different.” Jackson then began to recall a time where Pop came “home and trying some of the songs on me.”

The interview between Angie Martinez and Audrey and Obasi Jackson is sentimental for fans as one of Pop Smoke’s last interviews aired in February of last year with Angie where the rapper discussed where he would see himself in 5 years. “Five years from now, I’ll be sitting on the throne. I’ll be situated.”

Check out what Jackson had to say about her son in the interview with Angie Martinez below!