[WATCH] LL COOL J Delivers Powerful Tribute to Hip-Hop During at iHeartRadio Awards

LL Cool J shows why he is one of the GOATs, taking the stage dressed in all black, spotlight on him, and going crazy.

LL dropped over two minutes of bars during his appearance at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The event went down on Monday, and the legendary rapper delivered a show-stopping performance for Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday, highlighting where his journey as a rapper.

“Break beats played, he had a speaker for a crib
she screamed ‘Jack the Rip!’ and ignited his gifts
To the parents he’s a legend, to the children a myth
Here’s ya firsthand experience with Mr. Smith
alias Mr. ‘Killing-Every-Rapper-In-His-Radius’
cyphers like a stadium, bars is vibranium.”

If this is a preview of LL Cool J’s new album, we are excited. Coming off his 55th birthday, LL announced a new album. It would be his first album since 2013’s Authentic.


“I’m competing with myself on this new album. Wait til you hear this MF,” LL tweeted. “This year B. It’s coming.”

2023 is proving to be a massive year for LL Cool J. In addition to a new album, his inaugural Hip-Hop cruise is ready to take off.

The “Rock The Bells Cruise: A Hip-Hop Experience” has been announced in collaboration with Sixthman, the industry leader in immersive music and lifestyle festivals at sea. The cruise is the first of its type, sailing from Miami to the Bahamas on Nov. 13 – Nov. 17, 2023, and offers an all-inclusive four-day, four-night Hip-Hop adventure aboard the Norwegian Pearl.

The company is taking its annual Rock The Bells Festival to sea, a dynamic, day-long event created by Rock The Bells founder LL COOL J in his birthplace of Queens, NY, featuring live performances by renowned musicians. The cruise is one of several announcements planned by the corporation to commemorate and celebrate Hip-50th Hop’s anniversary and to recognize its icons.