[WATCH] HotBlock Jmoe Delivers New ‘Safe With Me’ Video Featuring Yung Bleu

Rising Chicago star HotBlock Jmoe has teamed with Yung Bleu for the new video to his song “Safe Wit Me.”

For the video, the two stars hit a villa for a celebration with his entourage and letting his ladies know all their secrets are safe with him. “I keep my head above water through the deep end, weight on my shoulders so I’m working through the weekend.”

“Working on this record with HotBlock was a super dope experience,” Bleu said of working alongside HotBlock. “He’s definitely on the path to stardom and has a clear vision of how he plans to take over the industry. I appreciate his artistry and I’m always down to collaborate with artists who have the ability to rap and sing like myself.”


You can see the video and also learn a bit more about HotBlock Jmoe below.

The SOURCE: What made Yung Bleu the right person for your collaboration?
HotBlock Jmoe: My team & I were listening to the track a few days after I made it but it still had an open verse & I just thought to myself like, Bleu a sound hard on this. Pitched it to my manager Tes & he just so happened to have a connection with his team, so we put everything in motion.

You’re coming from a city in Chicago with a strong set of artists repping the city. What makes you different than the rest?
I pride myself on having a different sound & the ability to sing & rap in a dope melodic way. I don’t think folks are coming how I’m coming. We all come from the trenches, so the stories & pain we tap into are relatable to our struggles & surroundings. 

You dropped DaHottest at the top of the year. What made you want to get in the early part of the year?
I wanted to start the year off strong, you know – make a statement & let the world know I’m here. I’m going to stay consistent and keep feeding my fan base these records, so it’s definitely something you want to stay tuned in for.

What can someone who listens to you for the first time expect?  Uniqueness. I feel like I hear music differently so the way I switch cadence is a little unorthodox but it’s crazy. The stories are through my lens & experiences so I feel like they get to understand me more!!

What was your experience like filming this new video with Yung Bleu? The video shoot was dope! It was my First time on a boat ever!! so that was an experience fasho. My dog Bleu pulled up on me with good genuine vibes & we made a movie, I think y’all gone love it!