[WATCH] Footage Surfaces Of Fight Before Fatal Stabbing Of Drakeo The Ruler

The untimely death of Drakeo The Ruler has stunned the Hip Hop community following a year of rappers being killed at a historically alarming rate. His stabbing death not only happened backstage at the Once Upon A Time In L.A. Festival, but someone also caught the drama that took place before the stabbing on tape.

The 35-second video shows a large group of people fighting before part of that group runs out of a gate back into the general crowd area.

Many rappers in the game have offered their condolences to Drakeo’s family on social media amidst his death including Dipset’s Jim Jones and Drake, who said, “Nah man this sh*t isn’t right for real wtf are we doing. Always picked my spirit up with your energy RIP Drakeo Crossed fingers.”