[WATCH] DJ Akademiks Questions Why J. Cole, Drake or Kendrick Lamar Won’t Interview with Hip-Hop Media

DJ Akademiks wants to know what’s up with the Hip-Hop elite not having a seat with Hip-Hop outlets. On his stream, Big Ak stated he believed that the culture’s large artists used the blogs and culture but won’t sit down for a proper interview.

“J. Cole and the rest of y’all big rappers, no wonder y’all get sh—ed on by Hip-Hop outlets. Y’all get so big in the game, they use the culture, and they use all these blogs. I don’t care if they do an interview with me. But I know a lot of journalists in the game, and they won’t speak up. And a lot of them still really hope to get an interview. I say f— all these n—as.”

– DJ Akademiks

Ak would double in it, providing J. Cole as an example. “J. Cole, when I see you doing some shit on ESPN, but you won’t do an interview with a n—a in the culture. You won’t hop on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, you won’t hop on motherfuckin Drink Champs. You won’t be with Joe Budden or something like that. I look at it as some weird siit.”

You can hear it from Akademiks below.


In the ESPN interview AK references, J. Cole sits with Bob Myers, General Manager of the Golden State Warriors. He mentioned his 2014 Forest Hills Drive was like winning a championship for him, not a Grammy.

“The making of this album I got called Forest Hills Drive, and the releasing of it and the tour, that was a championship run in the way that how the Bulls look at The Last Dance,” Cole said.

You can peep the full interview between Bob Myers and J. Cole below.