[WATCH] Damon Dash Walks Into Glass Before Podcast Recording

Dame Dash and his sunglasses or not having a sip of coffee may have hindered him a bit. The Hip-Hop mogul was strolling into The Cray podcast and walked clean into a glass window.

Dash was setting up for an interview with Rob Weiss, Shawn Chase, and O’Neal McKnight, however, the glass was so clean it appeared he was just walking into the room. After a slight bump into the glass, Dame would correct the moment and laugh off the bump as you can see below.

Recently, Dame Dash has been embroiled in a battle with JAY-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records that is reportedly turning ugly. All Hip Hop reports during a board meeting on June 22, Dash exploded into a rant that was characterized as “angry, unprofessional, and incoherent.”

Hov’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, detailed Dash’s effort to “steal and auction” Roc-A-Fella property, Reasonable Doubt, in a NFT.