[WATCH] Cardi B Criticizes Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Over Breonna Taylor Case

Rap queen Cardi B, who has been very vocal in the political arena in 2020, shared her thoughts on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron following the ballistics report that Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, did not shoot one of the officers.

Cardi exclaimed, “I told you motherf**kers. I did a video a couple of days ago talking about this—that I will not believe the [Attorney General] or a f**king D.A. office with this bullsh*t ass story that they took so long to put out about this Breonna Taylor sh*t.”

The only officer held responsible is former LMPD cop Brett Hankison is being charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for bullets that struck Taylor’s white neighbors’ home after Taylor was killed in her sleep by the officers. She was 26 years old.