[WATCH] 2 Chainz Says Housekeepers Stole His Marijuana Then Helped Him Look For It

While on vacation, 2 Chainz says that his weed went missing, claiming that the hotel’s housekeepers are the culprits and even went as far as helping the trap rapper look for the chronic they allegedly lifted from him.

Chainz said that he’s recently come from an island-hopping adventure that day, having to take a boat several places before finding something to eat. He said that even though he lefty a “DO Not Disturb” sign on the door, the housekeepers took it upon themselves to “clean” his room, which included sneak thieving his loud pack. He jokingly added that the cleaning crew, “took da pack and helped me look for it like a real Soufside n****.” 

Check out the commentary from 2 Chainz HERE


CREDIT: @NoJumper