Waka Flocka Explains How the Quarantine Inspired Him to Release New Music: ‘I’ve Been Selfish’

One good thing to come out of this quarantine is a plethora of new music. Even Waka Flocka, who previously said he was done with music, told Two Bees TV that his fans can expect new music.

When asked if he would be using his newfound leisure time to get in the booth, or drop a verse on his wife, Tammy Riviera’s, album he responded, “Definitely, they can expect some goddamn brand new music in the future.”

He added, “I got a record on my wife’s album already. Being on this quarantine has made me realize that man, I’ve been goddamn bullshitting and I’ve been selfish to my fans. I really don’t be putting out like quality music, if I put something out. I really just need to be an artist and stop bullshitting,” Waka said.

The Atlanta rapper didn’t give a tentative release date, but at least Tammy’s album is completed. “I’m just ready to release it, but um during this whole coronavirus stuff, you know so I think I’m going to push it back,” she told the outlet. “But the album is .. I completed the album, It’s done. There is nothing, all the music is ready to go. ” She was spotted working with Sean Garrett in their new reality series, What the Flocka, so it sounds like a promising collection.

Are you ready to hear a Wocka Flocka and Tammy Riviera collab?