Vogue to Sue Drake and 21 Savage for Fake Cover: ‘Now it’s YOUR Loss’

Vogue’s publisher has sued Drake and 21 Savage for posting and distributing a mocked-up Vogue cover as part of their Her Loss promotion campaign.

As part of the rapper’s rollout for the new album,  the duo built up hype with fake magazine covers, interviews, and music sessions. Condé Nast, Vogue magazine’s publishing company, filed a lawsuit against Drake and 21 Savage for their “flippant disregard for Condé Nast’s rights” and demanded that the artists take down social media posts, public posts and stop distribution of the “counterfeit” magazine they created around the Her Loss album.  The suit further alleges that the duo misled fans into believing the magazine would drop a special edition.

According to social media posts after the cease and desist, Condé Nast received evidence that the magazines were still being distributed, leading to “widespread public confusion” and “erroneous press accounts.” The publishing company wants the artists to take down social posts and stop creating and disseminating fake magazines; it’s also seeking damages of up to $4 million dollars. 

The original post from Drake and 21 Savage is below.

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