Vince Staples Clarifies His Viral Comments On Kendrick Lamar And Drake Beef

If there’s a major story going on in rap music, there’s a good chance Vince Staples has some thoughts about it. The rapper manages to be pretty outspoken despite also being one of the less public figures in the genre. That’s why it’s no suspires that as soon as someone had the chance to ask him about Drake and Kendrick Lamar‘s beef, they took it. It’s no surprise that his answer made waves as he seemed surprisingly unconcerned with the high-profile back and forth. “While Taylor Swift is fighting for people to be able to have streaming money, n*ggas on the internet arguing with each other about some rap sh*t. So that’s how I feel about it,” he originally replied.

Now in a new interview he’s explaining why he said that. “It was a live-streamed event, so someone had to be filming the live-streamed event on their computer. And then pages that are dedicated to the city and to people, cut out every question that these children asked about trying to stay alive in this environment that’s had over a hundred shootings in the first four months,” he begins. “So if I say plainly, no one cares about anybody else, then I look crazy. But I’m speaking to children. So my thing is am I supposed to look at a child who just asks those questions and say, ‘Yeah, I want one of these n*ggas to kill each other lyrically’? What the f*ck are we talking about?” Staples concludes. Check out his full interview below.

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Vince was being interviewed because he just released his new album Dark Times. The project represents his final release for Def Jam, which he’s been signed to for over a decade. The album was announced just a few days ago with the song “Shame On The Devil” preceding the release of the full album.

What do you think of Vince Staples clarifying his comments on Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s beef? Do you agree with him that he wasn’t in the right environment to give an honest answer when originally asked? Let us know in the comment section below.

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