Usher Recalls Chilli Turning Down Marriage Proposal

Usher has a lot to celebrate these days: a new album, a Super Bowl halftime show, a new wife, and so much more. He recently spoke to PEOPLE for a cover story to unpack much of this, and also to look back on his legendary career and notable life trajectory leading up to this point. Moreover, the Dallas native might be in a pretty great place right now, but it wasn’t always like this, especially back when he was young and in love. During this interview, he reflected on his three-year-long relationship with TLC’s Chilli, who broke his heart when she rejected his marriage proposal.

“I was a young man, and she had very specific rules that didn’t work for me,” Usher told the publication. “I wanted to marry her, I proposed and she said to me, ‘No,’ I went through a great deal of pain after that. Not trusting women or wanting to open up. I hurt her too, but the situation broke my heart.” Given that even his ex-wife Tameka Foster went to the Super Bowl to support her former flame, we can at least assume that he can still keep up amicable and healthy relationships with his exes despite their history.

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Usher Reflects On Marriage Plans Getting Rejected By Chilli

Meanwhile, all this hype and excitement is also manifesting itself in more formal ways for the 45-year-old. For example, upon his return to Atlanta, he got the city’s Phoenix Award for his service to it, got a spot of the Black Entertainment and Music Walk of Fame, and Fulton County recognized February 14 as “Usher Day.” “Atlanta is a city of belief,” he remarked during the award ceremony. “Atlanta is a city that allowed me to be that Phoenix to rise. It is a city that has allowed me to have the tenacity to go out and share this culture that I found when I was here.”

Apparently, that’s not it for the multi-hyphenate artist. With a TV series based on his music reportedly on the way, we can only expect him to get bigger and bigger. What’s been your favorite part of this recent renaissance? Let us know in the comments and check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Usher.

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